KillSwitch: Treatment Broken Hearts One Facebook Pic at a Time

TL;DR: Downloaded in more than 180 countries with contributions visiting the American cardio Association of the latest York, KillSwitch will be the innovative app which is treating an incredible number of damaged minds. 

Did you realize 50 per cent of females and 40 percent of men say they appear at their particular ex’s fb profile extreme?

In case you are one, offering the application for your needs.

“Making breakups pull much less,” KillSwitch schedules by the motto to a T, quickly and independently getting rid of wall surface articles, photos, videos and standing changes of you and your ex from the profile.

We talked with co-founder Clara de Soto, of ClearHart online, for more information on the development of the application, the way it really works additionally the effect it’s had on millions of people around the globe.

Filling up a breakup need

Launching valentine’s 2013, KillSwitch may be the brainchild of de Soto and co-founder Erica Mannherz, whom played a huge role for the development of the app after a close pal practiced a traumatic separation which had the lady deactivating the woman fb profile.

As de Soto and Mannherz learn, moving forward after a breakup is an essential part of existence, but exactly how is it possible to be likely to maneuver on when you find yourself swamped with among these painful reminders all of the time?

This is the specific concern de Soto and Mannherz requested by themselves… hence Killswitch came into this world.

With convenient and user-friendly tools, KillSwitch permits consumers to control their social media marketing the they would like to during a breakup, thus jump-starting the healing up process.

“The first method of getting over somebody may be out of picture, regarding head, and unfortuitously that simply doesn’t occur inside the electronic space,” de Soto said. “social networking is supposed to share. It isn’t for storage space, so sadly if you are utilizing it as a storage system, it can be extremely damaging.”

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3

So how can KillSwitch in fact work? Pleased you asked.

By logging inside software during your Facebook account, KillSwitch can pull up a listing of any person you’ve discussed pleased with.

Search through the list or type in your ex lover’s title and you should see every movie, photo, wall surface article and standing posting that you are tagged in along with your ex (unexpectedly those matching sweaters are not so cute any longer, correct?)

Now you have actually a few options:

Then you have the option to truly save the deleted images into a concealed record album on your Facebook profile (just in case!)

A “Congratulations” appears in your display screen, and then you can start moving on along with your existence. Not will you need certainly to see your ex’s likes and responses on your fb articles!

Striking a chord with people

Not only has KillSwitch obtained rave reviews in past times 2 yrs, but the application also was actually called among Entrepreneur’s 100 Brilliant Companies of 2013.

But that’s not the most admirable component about KillSwitch. This is the people behind the application and their need to help others.

Generating a contribution with the United states cardio Association of New York, KillSwitch is about over healing hearts which have been hurt by love.

“Having this small ray of sun to feel like your damaged cardiovascular system is actually helping other broken minds will be the least we can easily perform,” de Soto mentioned. “we actually desired to inform you this is a healing procedure and never a vindictive instrument. Moving forward is a big element of growing up, and then we did not want the application for mistaken for something similar to delivering poop for the post. Its an actual thing.”


Just what exactly’s after that?

The KillSwitch staff is doing a “breakup extent slip” that can help forecast which Facebook supplies the user desires erase.

There is another variation is within the works that goes beyond the realm of breakups, but de Soto and Mannherz tend to be keeping that under wraps for now.

Before this, KillSwitch is obtainable for 99 dollars via the Apple Store. To find out more about KillSwitch, visit

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